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Dear Dr. Goldstein,


My husband & I want to thank you for the great help you’ve been to our 20 year old son, Tim.
He came to see you last month complaining of abnormal fatigue. You spent enough time with him to diagnose a chemical imbalance. You put him on Paxil, and I can’t believe the difference it has made in Tim’s energy, disposition, even his acne is clearing up! I truly believe he’s had this problem for years but nobody could give us any answers.


I hope you know you are greatly appreciated for your expertise and care. Thanks so much!


Mrs. W

Dear Dr. Berkowicz,


I came to your practice as a new patient recently because I had experienced some rectal bleeding. Needless to say this can be an embarrassing & sensitive problem to deal with, but because of your kindness and a touch of good humor, you helped me to feel at ease and have the courage to have the LGI completed too. Luckily, all is well and I won’t be back to see you any time soon, but I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and sensitivity.




Cathy A.

 Dear Mike,


I wanted to be sure and let you know how much Joe & I appreciated your taking the time to squeeze Joe’s parents into you very busy schedule. They knew they were in excellent hands and I could tell they felt well cared for. They were very pleased and impressed with your “old fashion doctor” bedside manners and it was a great comfort to them. The fact that they were so ill on this trip was very upsetting for the “old folks” and they needed you and you were there. For this we thank you greatly. You are someone I trust and I’ve felt very comfortable entrusting you with the lives of my husband and in-laws (and myself!)


Thank you!


Valerie R.

 Dear Friends,


Please allow me to express our sincere thanks for your generous donation of valuable drugs to our pharmacy. Your help has enabled us to help many individuals and families who desperately need but cannot afford the high cost of medications. Unfortunately, during the last few months, due to government and medicate cutbacks and regulations, the numbers of needy patients has been increasing, while our supplies have been depleted more rapidly than ever before.


Thank you again for responding to our needs and to the needs of those we serve. You may never see the faces of those who have been helped by your kindness. Please allow me, on their behalf, to express their gratitude.


Mr. S


Director of Development

 Office Manager,


Today I had my 1st visit and exam with Dr. Dan Goldstein. I found the staff polite, concerned and efficient. It helped me calm down. Quality people.

 Dear Dr. Mangurten,


I can’t tell you how happy Lorraine and I are to have you as our health helper. Since you prescribed “Prilosec” for me I have no chest pains. You have no idea what peace of mind I’ve had for I was sure I was heading for the O.R.


God Bless you and keep you.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Mr. O.

 Dear Yechiel,


Ed and I just want to say thanks for taking such good care of us. Please let your staff know that they did a fine job helping us also. Especially Donna for talking to the insurance company on our behalf
You make us feel very special. Thanks so much!

 Dear Donna,


To refresh your memory, I am the lady who called under much duress over an employee physical that I was charged $474. This should have never happened. I was given much miscommunication by an individual who handles these physical requests.


I received a call last week informing me that you have been paid. Because I have not received any further billing for this I can now put an end to my concern over this.


The point of this note is to thank you Donna for your kindness, understanding and for the efficient way in which you handled my problem.


I’ve come to this practice because I heard so many wonderful things about the Doctors, but I feel doubly blessed to know that there are people like you Donna handling the business issues. Someone we can call for help. Someone who is committed to excellence in representing the practice in such a professional and honest way.
You are a true gem! And I am forever grateful.


Best wishes,



The kindness, caring and helpfulness of everyone on your staff mean so much. Thank you on behalf of my family.




Lois A

Dear Dr. Flershem and all the Partners & staff of Riverside Medical,


It takes all kinds of people to make a world, it’s true. But what a nice world it would be if there were more like you!


Thank you for all your help and kindness during my illness!




Kathy F.

Dr. Berkowicz,


I’ve had many a doctor,
But you’re the best.
You’ve helped me more,
Than all the rest.
You take the time
To hear me out,
And tell me
What it’s all about.
Thank you doctor
For your patience
Thank you doctor
A grateful Patient.


Rose N.

Dear Yechiel,


Once again you and your staff has done an excellent job. We so appreciate the top quality care.


Thanks again!




Jacque & Ed

Dear. Dr. Berkowicz,


Thanks so much for letting me come in on Monday to see you. I know it’s hard to squeeze people into your heavy schedule. Also, you a great sense of humor which I have. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me since I was only home 4 days from taking care of my Mother-in-law going through 6 weeks of radiation, and then my husband and I go out for the first time for a weekend away and I got sick. Go Figure!


Thanks again!


Terri N.

Dear Dr. Berkowicz & Riverside Medical,


Thank you so much for your donation to Walk Now Chicago. The walk was a great success. Over $441,000 was raised for Cure Autism Now, thanks to the generosity of people like you.


As a family who loves someone with autism, this event was very important to us. Our hope that a cure will be found is stronger than ever and your support means a great deal to us.


Thanks again for your generous contribution




The H. Family

Hi Dr. Mangurten,


I wanted to thank you for being so thorough during my exam. It’s such a comfort knowing that Dave and I receive the quality of care we do.




Lisa G.

Dr Yegelwel is wonderful! He is very professional, polite and listens and know his stuff!


Dorothy R.

I am extremely pleased with Dr. Berkowicz. I’m glad I did my homework. I appreciate all of your information, it was very helpful.


Robert D.

Dr. Pride was very helpful and thorough!


William C.

Dr. Berkowicz was very good. He seems really nice and conscious. I was very well pleased.


Les D.

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