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Q. When should I schedule my annual wellness exam?

A. Annual wellness exam is not a comprehensive examination. According to the American Medial Assosication, the term wellness only includes: 1. Age and gender specific history and examination. 2. Risk factor reduction interventions such as vaccines, mammograms and prostate screening. 3. Certain lab tests. Wellness exams should be scheduled annually to ensure that you are up to date on all vaccinations and screenings. Medications cannot be refilled if more than 12 months have passed since your last visit. Please note, a wellness examination does not include the evaluation and management of chronic conditions or acute illnesses. A seperate office visit will be charged for any condition that requires review, continuous treatment, advice and or diagnosis.

Please call the office or use the Appointment Form to request a complete physical or to get medical info in Arlington Heights, IL. The scheduler allows extra time for physicals so the physician has the time necessary to do a thorough job. As a result, the schedule can accommodate only a certain number of physicals each day, and the time to the next available appointment for a physical varies from physician to physician. To avoid having to wait for a physical when you really need one, please schedule well in advance.

Q. Will my insurance company cover the cost of lab tests my doctor orders?

A. Because of the rising cost of medical care, some insurers are changing their policies regarding payment for laboratory tests. Simply speaking, lab tests come in types: diagnostic tests and screening tests. Both provide valuable medical info for Arlington Heights, IL patients.

Diagnostic tests. Your doctor orders diagnostic tests when he/she becomes aware of signs or symptoms of a specific problem or when monitoring the course and treatment of disease or injury. Even if a test is ordered to monitor a disease, some insurers place a limit on how often the company will pay for it for you. If your doctor believes that a test must be performed more often than your insurer allows and you choose to follow your doctor’s advice, you will be responsible for paying for the test.

Screening tests. Your doctor may order screening tests as part of a checkup or annual exam. In general, screening tests assess the state of your health, allowing doctors to collect important medical info in Arlington Heights, IL. Examples of screening tests include some types of blood work, such as complete blood counts; chest x-rays; cholesterol panels; and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests. Again, some insurers place a limit on the number of times the insurance company will pay for a specific test for you. If you choose to have the test regardless of the insurer’s limit, you will have to pay for it.

Q. If your insurance will not pay for a test, does that mean you do not need it?

A. Tests ordered for screening purposes can be an invaluable tool for managing your health. They can confirm your general well-being or indicate that a health problem exists—even before symptoms appear. Early detection of a health problem is always in your best interest for optimal treatment.

Your doctor bases decisions about laboratory testing on a wide range of factors, including your personal and family history, medications you take, and generally accepted medical practices. Discuss these factors with your doctor as you decide whether to have a test your insurer will not pay for. If you have specific questions about which lab tests your insurer will cover and within what time period, contact your insurance carrier.

If you decide to have the test, remember: Even if your doctor believes the test is “good medicine” and will provide vital medical info in Arlington Heights, IL, your insurance may not pay for it.

Q. How will I be notified about my lab results?

A. Riverside Medical, S.C. notifies patients about lab and screening test results through either by patient portal or by a telephone call. If you have not heard about results from a test you had performed more than ten days prior, please phone the office and request your medical info.

Q. Will my doctor care for me during my inpatient stay if I am hospitalized?

A. Currently, patients admitted to Northwest Community Hospital will be cared for by the NCH hospitalist physicians. Patients that go to Lutheran General Hospital will be cared for by, Best Practices In Patient Care. They will correspond with your primary care physician on a daily basis during your stay in the hospital. You should schedule a hospital follow-up appointment with us within two weeks after you have been discharged.

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