Our doors are open and we are still seeing patients. You will be asked to call us from your car to check in. We will have you wait there until your doctor is ready for you. We do ask that all patients wear a mask inside the building. All staff members wear masks as well.  If you have upper respiratory symptoms, fever, or shortness of breath, you will be asked to do a tele-medicine visit over the phone. We are not having any patients with Covid-19 symptoms come into the building.  We are also offering tele-medicine visits with our nutritionist, Susan Stein. Thank you and Stay Safe! 

Primary Care from an Experienced Medical Doctor in Arlington Heights, IL

At Riverside Medical, S.C., you receive prompt, knowledgeable, and experienced medical care from dependable staff.  We’ve consistently proven ourselves to be one of the most time-efficient medical practices in the area. Since 1980, we’ve gone above and beyond on behalf of our patients’ health. Our friendly, capable staff makes your comfort and wellbeing their first priority. We also keep our staff up to date on the latest medical advancements so we can better serve you.

Depend on Our Medical Services

We offer a wide variety of primary care services for teens and adults. Thanks to our ancillary services, we can diagnose and treat many medical maladies. Patient, qualified personnel will help you with each service, ensuring a fast diagnosis and an efficient, lasting recovery.  Our ancillary services include:



The #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment in the world freezes away fat without surgery or downtime to reduce stubborn bulges that resist diet & exercise. –>


Stress Testing

On-site nuclear stress testing (myocardial perfusion) uses advanced cardiac evaluation to detect the earliest stages of atherosclerosis & prevent its progression. –>


For your convenience, our lab provides on-site blood drawing. –>


Physical Therapy Suite

Our cutting-edge physical therapy suite allows licensed therapists to work in close collaboration with your doctor for faster, more efficient rehabilitation. –>


Ultrasounds & Echocardiograms

Our in-house ultrasound technician performs a variety of testing right here in our office for your convenience & to expedite the diagnosis of a condition. –>


Sleep Studies

Therapeutic and diagnostic sleep studies, conducted on-site in our sleep lab, screens patients for various ailments including sleep apnea. –>



Diagnostic testing & treatments for gastrointestinal ailments & digestive diseases conducted by renowned gastroenterologist, Dr. Eric J. Yegelwel, MD. –>

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