Benefit from Ancillary Medical Support in Arlington Heights, IL

When you need medical care, you expect fast results so you can return your life to normal as quickly as possible. Through ancillary medical support in Arlington Heights, IL, Riverside Medical, S.C. can give you those fast results.

In-House Lab

Riverside Medical has an in-house lab where we are able to not only draw your blood, but do a lot of the standard tests right here on site. This makes the resulting process much quicker and more convenient.

Physical Therapy Suite

As part of our ancillary medical support, we enhance your recovery with our on-site physical therapy suite as well. Physical therapy promotes healing all over the body, and it can help you recover from a number of different conditions.

We’ve staffed our physical therapy suite with competent, licensed therapists and state-of-the-art equipment. Our therapists will gladly aid you with rehabilitation and strength training during your recovery. We especially recommend physical therapy for treating musculoskeletal and gait disorders.

Having therapists working in such close proximity to our doctors allows us to speed the recovery process. Our doctors and therapists communicate regularly to make sure you get exactly the treatment you need.

DEXA Scans

We offer bone density testing (DEXA scans) to perform routine scans of the spine and hip. We use this equipment to perform osteoporosis diagnosis and vertebral fracture analysis (VFA), which evaluates your risk for serious fractures. You won’t find these state-of-the-art tests in many hospitals, but we provide them at Riverside Medical, S.C.

Ultrasounds and Echocardiograms

We have an ultrasound tech that can perform a variety of scans right here in our office to help expedite diagnosing a condition.

To learn more about our ancillary services or to schedule an appointment, call us at 847-577-9300 today.

Stress Testing

We offer on-site nuclear stress testing for cardiac evaluation to detect atherosclerosis in its earliest stages and to prevent its progression. Myocardial Perfusion (nuclear stress test). In addition to EKG monitoring a radioisotope is injected before and immediately after exercise in order to monitor blood flow to the heart. The radioisotope allows images of the heart to be obtained right before and after exercise that will show whether blood flow to the heart is normal.

Sleep Studies

Riverside is equipped with a sleep lab offering 2 sleep rooms. Sleep studies are done to detect a number of ailments including sleep apnea. This potentially life-threatening disorder can cause you to involuntarily stop breathing while sleeping. Even more alarming, this can happen many times per hour. Sleep apnea has been linked to irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and heart attack. Symptoms you should look for include loud snoring, pauses in breathing and daytime sleepiness. In many cases, we treat sleep apnea with a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device. Comfortable and affordable, the CPAP device helps you to breathe easily throughout the night. Other treatment options may be available as well. Risk factors for sleep apnea include: Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Stroke, Heart Attack.

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